Vaptio otherwise known as Viva Kita are a Chinese company producing a selection of hardware items for the market. Vaptio is their US name, with Viva Kita being their UK name.

I met Shek from Viva Kita at Vape Jam UK this year (if you would like to check out my blog of the event please click here) where we had a great chat about the products they had in production to come to the UK. We especially spoke about two pieces that Shek was extremely excited about the Fusion AIO (check my review by clicking here) and the Sail P-1 TF Tank (check my review by clicking here), both TPD compliant and both having some unique features.

Shek gave me those devices for the purpose of review.

After I had published my reviews of the two devices mentioned I was contacted by Archer (a colleague of Shek) and she asked me if I would review some more devices from Viva Kita/Vaptio. I was sent out for the purpose of review the new Fusion II (check out my review by clicking here), the P-I Mini starter kit (review coming soon) and the C-II starter kit, which is what I have for you today.


What comes in the box:

  • 1 x C-II Tank
  • 1 x C-II MOD
  • 1  x 129A Kanthal 0.25Ω coil
  • 1 x 180A Kanthal 0.25Ω  coil
  • 1 x Tank User Manual
  • 1 x MOD User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Priming coil information leaflet
  • 1 x QC inspection card


Taking a look at the box

On the front of the box you will find a picture of the device, the company name and logo, the name of the product and a nicotine warning label which makes it compliant with TPD/TRPR regulations.

On the back of the box you will find the name of the product, a list of contents, a selection of warnings and warning symbols and another nicotine warning label.

On one side you will find the choice of colours the device and an indicator to which one is in the box, mine is back. On the other side there is a ISBN barcode and a QR code. On the top side the company name and logo and on the bottom side a scratch and check authenticity label.

The C-II specifications:

  • Battery – 3000mAh
  • Wattage – 30W – 100W
  • Voltage – 2.8V – 4.2V
  • Colour – Grey or Black (mine is black)
  • Charging time – < 4 hours
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Leak proof

The size of the device:

  • Height of MOD – 88mm
  • Height with tank – 142mm
  • Width of MOD – 25mm

Taking a look at the MOD

The battery unit is a soft matt black finish (its like a rubber feel) with a decent sized plastic fire button. There is an LED ring around the fire button which lights up when pressed. Towards the base of the MOD, below the fire button there is name Vaptio and their logo.

Directly behind the fire button on the other side is the micro USB port for charging.

On the top of the MOD you will find a sprung loaded 510 pin with a top plate that has some wonderful machined ventilation groves. On the base you will find a selection of warning symbols and one vent hole.

Taking a look at the Tank

I think that the design of this tank is very similar to the Sail P-I TF Tank that I previously reviewed (you can check that by clicking here).

The tank itself is a soft matt black (its like a rubber feel) and is a 2ml capacity which makes it TPD/TRPR compliant. It is dual bottom airflow that is adjustable.

The top part of the tank which you take off to fill has a dual purpose, if you press slightly towards the glass and do a small turn anti-clockwise you will turn a piece in the chimney that seals off the holes leading to the coil, meaning you are able to change the coil with liquid still in your tank. The second function is to continue to turn anti-clockwise to remove the top part of the tank ready for filling.

On taking off the top part you will be met by a silicon disk that is attached to the top of the chimney. This disk is there to stop accidental spills and make this tank leak proof.

There is a removable drip tip, it is like and the same size as the Aspire Cleito drip tip. Once the drip tip is removed you can fit a 510 connecting drip tip in the hole, but for me it looks a little ugly.

In the image above, you can see that I have broken down the tank as much as I can. I did attempt to remove the glass, but as there isn’t a spare I didn’t want to force the issue. I did give it a good try though. What you can’t see in the photo above is that the air flow ring also comes off.

Using the device

  • Power On/Off – press the fire button five times
  • To Vape – press fire button


Thoughts and Conclusions

I have been using the device for over three weeks now and in general I have been really impressed with the performance.

However, I do need to cover an issue that I had to start with. I randomly picked one of the coils to try out. I picked the one that is threaded, though both coils are 0.25Ω I wasn’t to realise that they were built differently until I changed the coil about ten days ago.

I primed the coil as I would do any coil and filled the tank as per usual when getting a new tank ready. I do tend to leave a tank with a new coil to stand for about half an hour, not usually needed, but a practise that I have been doing for a long time.

I had actually left the tank for longer than that before I had my first try. For about the first two days I was getting a metallic taste to me vape, I could taste the coil and it wasn’t to pleasant. At the time I just thought that it just needed breaking in. After the second day the metallic taste disappeared, but the experience had left me a little disappointed. The life of that particular coil came to an end at around ten days and over that period I had felt that the coil had performed just ok, with flavour a little muted but it still delivered some great clouds of vapour. A little disappointing after I had experienced other Viva Kita coils and they had been great.

When I came to change the coil, that was when I discovered that the other coil was completely different and was a push fit and not a screw in coil. At first I thought I had been given and a wrong coil. But I found that it fit into the device with ease and felt snug. I primed the coil and filled the tank just the same as I had with the previous coil, but only left this one for my usual half hour.

The difference in this coil was ten times better, delivering a good amount of vapour but also the flavour that I have been experiencing with other Viva Kita coils. I have been enjoying this device a whole lot more since the change of coil.

Though the device is fairly large, I don’t feel that it is too large, but then I do have fairly large hands. I love the rubberised feel to it, makes it lovely to hold and use. With a really good sized fire button making it feel like I have a good control over my vaping.

It is a good safety feature that the device switches its self off after ten minutes when not being used. But it can be a little annoying too. Sitting here I’m using the device and then writing for a little bit, go and pick it up and I need to turn it on again. But on the plus side, I have put the device in my pocket without turning it off (forgetting to) and I’ve bent over to pick something off the floor and had it fire in my pocket. Actually that sounds quite negative, but what I mean by the plus point is that once I have put the device in my pocket without switching it off, ten minutes later I will be safe from it firing accidentally.

The battery life is fantastic, I’ve used it all day and late into the evening and had no problem with longevity of it.

The tank  has some great air flow and when fully open I find it a little too much for my liking and I have reduced the air flow to about two thirds and though still airy works well for me. It is definitely a direct to lung tank, no mouth to lung option for me.

The tank has the same silicon disk as the P-I TF Tank I reviewed has. I liked the idea of it then and I like it now, it gives no problem when filling. The only downside that I feel it has, is when trying to clean the inside of the tank, but I have been able to poke a piece of paper towel in carefully and had little trouble.

This a great bit of kit and other than my initial problem with the coil I have really enjoyed using it and will continue to do so. At present I cannot comment on how it stands up to others devices on the market of the same genre as I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the others.

Is it a starter kit? The thing is, a lot more people are taking up vaping and I see more and more people starting out with direct to lung devices to start their vaping journey. This device is a lovely simple kit to use, it is not overly large and so new vapers will find it fairly discreet (until they vape, obviously). It produces some good flavour and great vapour production. It is a solid and durable device.

So I’m going to say yes it is a great starter kit for a direct to lung device.


  • Lovely design and feel to the device
  • Good solid fire button
  • Produces good flavour
  • Produces excellent vapour
  • Leak proof
  • You can use other tanks on the MOD
  • Excellent battery life
  • Safety feature – switches off after ten minutes 



  • Didn’t get on with one of the coils (maybe a bad batch)
  • Switches off after ten minutes, can be annoying
  • Putting my own drip tip does look very pretty
  • Cleaning the tank


 If you require further information on Vaptio.

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I’d like to say thank you to Archer of Vaptio/Viva Kita for sending me this device for review.

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