JAC Vapour is a UK company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They launched in 2010 and then in 2011 JAC’s launched the V3i battery and cartomiser, the very first bottom coil cartomiser on the UK market. Through 2012 and into 2013 they continued to grow.

In 2013 they introduced their own UK made e-liquids and put together a team to develop the hardware side of things. In 2014 they introduced the first vapourless range of e-liquids – Clear Steam. They also introduced their first UK designed e-cigarette – Series-E.

In 2015 they expanded into Germany offering online facilities for German vapers. They also engineered and introduced the Series-B Tilt. JAC Vapour were one of the first companies in the UK to design and engineer their own products. The Series-B Tilt went on to win an award for Best MOD by Gizmodo UK.

In 2016 they introduced the Series-S an all in one device, introduced their own DIY range. JAC Vapour also made a partnership with Arymi and exclusively offered the Arymi Gille to the UK market which has gone on and been given some great reviews.

They offer a wide range of juices and devices for beginners through to the more experienced vaper. They have four juice ranges, UK made e-liquids with 17 flavours, the Standard e-liquids with 17 flavours, Clear Steam with 5 flavours and Liquid Zwo their newest range with 2 flavours. You can check out my review of some of their flavours by clicking here.

I went to the Vaper Expo UK – The Big Weekend and had an excellent time (if you would like to check out my visit click here). Prior to the event one of the vendors I was looking forward to meeting, putting faces to messages was JAC Vapour. Just before the event JAC Vapour went through a re-brand to change things up and to keep ahead of the times.

When I finally found their stand it was great to chat with the guys at JAC Vapour. They asked me if I would do a review of the new Series-B DNA 75W (check out my review by clicking here) and the S22-Tank which I have for you today. It was really cool to speak to these guys who are extremely passionate about what they do.



What comes in the box:

  • 1 x S22-Tank – 22mm
  • 1 x 1.0Ω single vertical coil – Mouth to lung (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Instruction/Information leaflet

Taking a look at the box

The box is rather different than the normal box you get from other companies. The box is just enough packaging to safely contain the tank and information leaflet. Not all this excessive extra packaging you get with other companies products. Environmental savings.

On the front of the box there is the name of the device, a little window to see the device inside and the colour, also there is the nicotine warning label, in keeping with TPD/TRPR regulations. On the rear of the box there is a diagram of the tank and another nicotine warning label.

On one side you will find the company logo, plus the company address. On the other side some guidance information, where to go for support and some warning symbols.

Top of the box you will find the name of the tank and the batch number. On the bottom it tells you that it is designed in the UK by JAC Vapour. 

The size and colour of the device:

  • 22mm in Diameter
  • 40mm in height from the tip of the 510 connector to the top of the drip tip.
  • It comes in Stainless Steel and Black (which is the one I have)


Taking a look at the device, how to fill it and change the coil

Starting with the drip tip, it is sealed with a single o ring and is made of delrin and is 510 compatible, meaning you can swap out for your favourite 510 drip tip. The main body has two windows for checking liquid level on opposites sides. It has a soft matt black finish. The tank has twin bottom air flow on opposite sides which are fully adjustable.

It is a bottom fill tank, the tank will need to be removed from your MOD to be able to fill the tank. Once removed from your MOD, undo the base of the tank by twisting, which is very smooth. Inverting the main body up so that you can see into the tank, you will see the chimney in the centre of the tank. The chimney is your marker for 2 ml of e-liquid. If you go over the chimney you will get leakage out through the drip tip. Once filled, place the base back onto the tank whilst still inverted and screw on until tight.

Replacing the coil, always prime a new coil with a couple of drops of your desired e-liquid. Unscrew the base of the tank and you will see the coil sitting in the base. Unscrew the old coil and then screw in your primed new coil. The beauty of a bottom filled tank is that you can change the coil whether the tank is full or not.

Thoughts and Conclusions

I have been using this tank for three weeks now and I really enjoy a tobacco flavoured e-liquid when I am using a mouth to lung device. Personally I am not a huge fan of 50VG/50PG e-liquids and with a device like this one, I would normally advise to use such e-liquid. However, I don’t actually have any 50VG/50PG e-liquids. I have been using my favourite tobacco flavour at the moment and that is a 70VG/30PG mix. The coil has been not only handling that VG/PG mix very well, but is also giving a fantastic flavour. I have been really impressed with the flavour production of this coil.

When i do mouth to lung I tend to do three short puffs inhaling each one and then exhale after the third. I have found that with each puff I am getting a mild throat hit, which suits me very well. Taking into account the e-liquid I am using, I am finding this very satisfactory. Whether the air flow is fully open or closed with a small gap, I get a really good draw from the tank. I have preferred it with only a small amount of air flow as I like it to be more restrictive. I have pushed the wattage up to about 20 watts and still find that the coil handles the power well, though I found that my perfect wattage to be 17 watts.

During the review, I found out that there is also a 0.5Ω direct to lung coil available, which I have ordered and will add to the review once I have checked them out.

I have found the tank a really solid and well made piece. There is a good weight to and I feel that if I dropped it would stay together well and continue to work effectively. All the threads are lovely and smooth.

I have become use to top filled tanks and so I have found it a little annoying when refilling the tank. But saying that, with it being a bottom fill tank, that when I need to change my coil I can do it with e-liquid still in the tank. So many times I have filled a tank, gone to vape my newly filled tank and the coil goes and with so many top fill tanks the only way to change the coil is to loose the e-liquid I have in my tank. So I suppose the good out weighs the bad on these two points.

One of the things I like with other tanks that I have bought or received is that they have a spare coil in the packaging. Now, it’s not a huge deal, but when I was first checking out new tanks I was a little clumsy at times and accidentally burnt out a coil, so it was always a relief that I had a spare. But saying that the price you pay for this device and if you were to add a pack of five coils would still work out cheaper than most tanks are on the market.

A lot of people have put this tank up in comparison to the Aspire Nautilus, I have only tried the Nautilus Mini. So here are my thoughts;

  • I believe that the S22-Tank performs slightly better than the Nautilus, both on flavour and vapour production.
  • I find the S22-Tank a lot more solid and robust.
  • But the main factor is that I find the S22-Tank a lot better value for money from initial payment to maintaining the device with coils.

I believe that if you are looking for a good, sturdy, reliable and cost affective mouth to lung tank, you are not going to go wrong with the S22-Tank. I love mine and I will be keeping it in close reach to use on the occasion I want to enjoy a tobacco vape.


  • Good looking tank
  • Solid, well built tank
  • good adjustable air flow
  • Coil handles 70VG e-liquids well
  • Good flavour
  • Good price
  • Able to use your own drip tip


Struggling to find any

  • Bottom fill (maybe?)


If you require further information on JAC Vapour.

You can do this by going to or click here.

You can also find them on social media;

Instagram: @JACVapour

Twitter: @JACVapour

Facebook: /JACVapour

I’d like to say thank you to the guys JAC Vapour for giving me this device for review.

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